ARTkombinat is a specific artistic combination. It is an ideal place to organize performances, concerts, cabaret performances, but also trainings, lectures, vocal and music workshops, VIP events. It's a recording studio, movie set, conference room. A space that can be rented for the organization of corporate events, galas and other events...
Arteria Restaurant is as authentic as bread with tomato - sincere, real, simple and original at the same time. It evokes joy and stimulates your own search for new flavors. It is a place that is full of energy and variability. A place that will often surprise you.
In the Artgrafka Art Gallery we will present works created by artists from all over the world. Traveling will always be an inspiration to create this place. Long journeys, but also journeys inside yourself. They will be combined with dishes that will be served in the Arteria restaurant.
In just a few moments, we will invite you to our unique store. The best olives, wines, preserves made by our chefs, original cocktails created by bartenders, which you can buy to go. We assure you that you will not leave us empty-handed.


ul. Kopcińskiego 62a
90-032 Łódź